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Reduced price! Cannabis oil 50 ml bio-cosmos

Hemp oil, 50 ml organic cosmos

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Pure Organic hemp oil for face, body, hair. Antioxidant. Regenerating, protective, moisturizing, softening, for all skin types. 

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Characteristics: This hemp oil is an excellent vegetable oil for cosmetic use for every skin treatment, to help restore the activity of the epidermis. it is rich in polyunsaturated acids and vitamin E which give it strong antioxidant properties. In relation to the principles of Ayurveda, hemp oil is a rebalancing of the VATA skin (characterized by dry, thin, wrinkled, cold and chapped skin).

How to use: Put a small amount of product on your hands and gently massage your face and body until completely absorbed, morning and evening.

Functional components: 100% pure vegetable oil produced from cold pressed hemp seeds, vitamin E of vegetable origin. 99% ingredient from Organic Agriculture *.

Inci: Cannabis sativa seed oil, Tocopherol.

Lotto: L 181516

Does not contain: Preservatives, dyes, allergens, PEG, synthetic substances, petroleum derivatives, not subjected to chemical refining processes.

Certification: BIO, CosmosOrganic

Quantity: 50 ml

PAO: 9 months

Brand: Flora srl

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