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Reduced price! Lessinia essenze 100 ml

Lessinia essences 100 ml

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Lessinia Essenze is an essential oils diffuser blend and humidifier mixed in the San Valle Venetian laboratory after a careful selection of the balsamic essences of Lessinia. Contains essential oils of Pino Silvestre, Eucalyptus Globulus, Peppermint, Rosemary Officinale, Lavanda Angustifolia, Sweet Orange.

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"Essences of Lessinia" is an essential oils diffuser blend obtained from various natural balsamic essential oils: the vapors that are released when in contact with hot water, promote breathing, disinfect the air and maintain a fresh and fragrant environment. It can be breathed directly or vaporized in the environment through loudspeakers, very effective in saunas and poorly ventilated environments.

Brand: San Valle 1967.

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