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Sale! Mix balsamico adulti 10ml (roll on)

Balsamic Mix for adults 10ml (roll on)

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The balsamic adult mix is ​​one of the two balsamic oil blends by Gadoi Line, in practical roll on. Formulated by prof. Marco Valussi, contains essential oils active on the respiratory tract, able to reduce the symptoms of cough and phlegm, improve breathing and reduce the feeling of congestion.

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Of the balsamic oil blends by Gadoi Line, this is specific for adults and boasts antimicrobial activity (thanks to the presence of essential oils of Santoreggia, Lavandino and Myrtle), mucoactive (thanks to the presence of sink, white fir, mountain pine and myrtle) , decongestant (thanks to the presence of Myrtle and Sink).

How to use: Apply to the need near the nostrils or palms of the hands for direct inhalation, or with massage on the chest and back. External use only.

Provenance of essential oils: Trentino (mugo pine and white fir), Veneto (lavender x intermediate) and Sardinia (myrtle).

Composition: essential oil of Myrtle, Santoreggia, Lavender x intermediate, Pine Mugo and Spruce of GADOI production and jojoba oil (which acts as a carrier).

Ingredients: Simmondsia Chinensis seed oil, Myrtus Communis leaf oil, Pinus Mugo Pumilio twig leaf oil, Abies Alba needle oil, Limonene, Linalool, Lavandula Hybrida oil, Satureja Montana oil.

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Brand: Gadoi

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