Blended Essential Oils

Mix rilassante 10 ml (roll on)

Relaxing essential oil blends 10 ml (for ambiental diffusion))

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The Gadoi Relaxing essential oil blends, after various studies conducted on essential oils and blends of relaxing oils, was formulated by prof. Valussi with oils that have shown they can induce relaxation and a balancing of the nervous system that reduces anxiety. Predispose to a good restorative sleep. Improves concentration if decreased due to nervousness or anxiety.

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The relaxing Gadoi mix, a blend of relaxing oils for diffuser.

Composition: essential oil from the production GADOI Organic intermediate lavender, organic red orange and organic female lemon and, as in all oil blends, are conveyed by a vegetable oil that acts as a vector: prof. Marco Valussi has chosen jojoba oil.

Origin of essential oils: Veneto (organic intermediate lavender) and Sicily (organic red orange and bio-feminine lemon).

Format: 10ml with 1mm dripper

Use: Environmental air freshener - use as needed several times in the diffuser.

Directions for use: in the diffuser.

Tips: We also talk about the activity of lavender on the psyche in our blog "how essential oils act on the mind and mood".

Brand: Gadoi

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