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Bitter orange essential oil 10 ml

Bitter orange essential oil 10 ml

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The bitter orange essential oil of pure Microcosm. Properties: relaxing, astringent, it reconciles sleep, harmonizing, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, circulatory tonic, astringent, bactericidal, tonic, fungicide.

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Bitter orange, like all citrus fruits, has bright leaves, fragrant flowers, bright and sunny fruits, rich in prodigious virtues. Bitter orange essential oil summarizes them in a liquid fragrance that smells of sun and vitality. For the skin it is a true cure for purification and regeneration against wrinkles, redness, impurities or simply the dullness of a tired complexion. It is a panacea for the cells through a tonic action for blood circulation and stimulating for the lymphatic system, which favors the drainage of the accumulated metabolic waste and encourages cell turnover. Relax and smile comes naturally, and it is natural that the skin is soft and radiant, that the features of the face are relaxed and that wrinkles are barely visible around the eyes.

Brand: Microcosmo, Como.

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