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Sale! Organic Mandarin Orange essential oil 10 ml

Organic Mandarin Orange essential oil 10 ml

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This pure organic mandarin orange essential oil (Citrus reticulata) comes from the pressing of the skins with an innovative machine that delicately pricks the skins without scratching them. In this way the essential oil is particularly pure. The perfume is very refined and fruitful without being too sweet.

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Organic mandarin orange essential oil.

Properties (from "Aromatherapy Treaty", Shelley): calming (insomnia, nervous tension, stress, excitability).

Product Information:

Scientific name: Citrus reticulata Blanco
Family: Rutaceae
Part used for distillation: peel
Harvesting method: from organic cultivation
Harvest altitude: 100 slm
Provenance: Sicily
Format: 10ml

Brand: Gadoi

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