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Organic Mountain Pine essential oil 5 ml

Organic Mountain Pine essential oil 5 ml

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This pure organic mountain pine essential oil of, pure(or"mugo pine") comes from the branches of Trentino's dwarf pine which grows between 1300-2000 msl: ideal harvesting area for distillation. High quality.

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Gadoi organic mountain pine essential oil  is an oil that is obtained from needles and small twigs obtained from young trees, by steam distillation; it is a mobile liquid, very pale yellow, with a characteristic and pleasant smell of pine, slightly sweet and with a delicate balsamic aspect, with a slightly resinous and woody, almost spicy final note that recalls cypress and juniper berries. Indicated for bronchitis and sinusitis.

Product Information:

Scientific name: Pinus mugo Turra
Family: Pinaceae
Part used for distillation: twigs
Harvesting method: from the spontaneous certified organic
Harvest altitude: 1200 slm
Origin: Trentino
Format: 5ml

Brand: Gadoi

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