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Olio Essenziale di Arancio Dolce

Sweet Orange Essential Oil pure 10 ml

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Essential oil of sweet orange (Citrus sinensis). This essential oil of Sicilian organic red orange comes from the pressing of the skins with an innovative machinery that gently pricks the skins without scratching them. In this way the essential oil is particularly pure. The scent is delicate and sweet.

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Essential oil of sweet orange (Citrus sinensis).

Curiosity from the scientific literature:

In the "The big manual of aromatherapy" by Marco Valussi, for the sweet orange it is reported that Rovesti (1973) has experimented the use of the nebulized EO in the environment, nebulization that has exerted a stimulating action of the CNS and slightly antidepressant. Furthermore, the indications for use include:

- for the nervous system: it can have a tranquilizing effect in case of anxiety, and can contribute to reducing minor depressive states. Use in the bathroom should
be limited to a few drops, and should not be used too regularly.
Mandarin essential oil is preferable for bathing and is more relaxing. The best way to use orange essential oil in the massage is to combine it with other OEs, to give the mix fresh and fruity notes.
- Other uses: OE is an effective environmental deodorant and is ideal for pot

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Product Information:

Scientific name: Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck
Family: Rutaceae
Part used for distillation: peel
Harvesting method: from organic cultivation
Harvest altitude: 300 slm
Provenance: Sicily

Brand: Gadoi

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