Reduced price! Idrolato di Camomilla Romana 125 ml

Roman Chamomile hydrosol 125 ml

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Roman Chamomile Hydrosol is a soothing, calming and soothing water. Suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin, sensitive to reddening, and for dry skin. Very useful for soothing irritations.

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Inci: Anthemis nobilis Idrolato (Roman Chamomile Hydrosol).

Possible uses:

Analgesic: Roman chamomile calms the problems related to dentition and those of colic in children.

Anti-inflammatory: the esters of Roman Chamomile Hydrosol can be used to relieve irritated eyes or to eliminate swelling. It also acts on the skin attacked by the sun or the wind, or on the mucous membranes (eg mouth rinsing).

Spasmolytic: by placating involuntary spasms of gastrointestinal origin, the Roman chamomile hydrosol relieves digestive disorders.

Calming and relaxing: with its sweet scent, Roman Chamomile promotes relaxation to calm anxiety and stress, thereby improving the quality of sleep

Delicate and sensitive skin: the Roman chamomile hydrosol soothes irritated and sensitive skin and skin.

Hair: Roman chamomile lightly lightens natural blond hair (mix the hydrolate with the last rinse water)

Skin: apply and massage the hydrolate on the scalp to counteract dandruff or scaling and to reduce itching on sensitive skin but can be used by everyone because it helps promote hair regrowth.

Brand: Maternatura

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