Idrolato alla Rosa damascena 125 ml

Rose Water 100 ml - all natural

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Rose Water is precious with beneficial effects on body and mind. Refreshing and soothing of skin inflammation, also referred to as decongestant for the eyes. Very useful on aged skin and marked by evident wrinkles of expression, it is always indicated as a tonic for all skin types, also for children. Rose Water Microcosmo is 100% nature.

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Rose Water, from Red rose of Lancaster flower water, by Microcosmo (Como), essentially natural.

Ingredients: Red rose of Lancaster flower water, sodium benzoate of food origin.


Nerve rebalance: thanks to its action on the nervous system, Rose Water calms stress and nervous tension. Aromatherapists recommend a tablespoon of hydrolate in 1 liter of water to drink during the day for about twenty days.

Toning, anti-age: Rose water is composed of β-damascone, β-ionone and nerol oxide. It also contains a large percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids and is known for its protective properties on cell membranes. Rose Water strengthens the fibroblasts and the hydrolipid barrier, helping to keep the skin toned. Furthermore, it protects against free radicals thanks to the presence of vitamin E in its composition. It gives brightness to the skin, helps fight the appearance of wrinkles. It also stimulates hair growth and helps make it more full-bodied.

Soothing: has soothing and refreshing properties on the epidermis and scalp, calms the diffused redness and inflammation. It also has a slightly astringent effect on blood capillaries. Rose Water is the friend of the skin attacked by eczema, redness and itching that calms and regenerates.

Perfect for dry and sensitive skin that pulls. In case of rashes (diaper rash, rash, spray on the affected area several times a day)

Its use is also useful for the treatment of sensitive skin and dry and brittle hair. Pour a small amount of rose water into the palms and gently massage the scalp, then extend the application over lengths and ends. Rose water does not need to be rinsed. Leave a delicate scent on your hair.
A treatment that can be repeated several times a week.

Eyes tired and irritated: spray or apply tablets on closed eyes.

Synergies: the Rose Water is synergized with orange blossom or lavender or rosemary hydrosol in the case of delicate skin / skin. For optimal hyper reactive skin / skin, it sinerigates with lavender hydrolates.

Fragrance: thanks to its fresh and flowery scent, the Rose water can be used to perfume the hair, or as an air freshener or to perfume the linen.

Refreshing and relaxing bath: add 2-3 tablespoons of Rose water in the bath water.

Brand: Microcosmo

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