In the preparation of the bud extracts available in Erboristeria Como, including the walnut bud extract, the methods well defined in the monograph "Homeopathic preparations" reported in the French Pharmacopoeia are strictly followed. About Walnut bud extract are used fresh gems.

The French Pharmacopoeia reads: “The mass of the glycerine macerate obtained is generally equal to 20 times that of the raw material, calculated in relation to this dried raw material. Select, clean and chop the raw material appropriately. On an average sample, determine the loss due to drying by heating to a lower temperature at 105 ° C, up to constant mass. Depending on the result obtained, introduce the raw material into the amount of the alcohol and glycerol mixture calculated to obtain a glycerine macerated at 1/20. Leave to soak for 3 weeks at least shaking sufficiently. Decant and filter a
pressure close to 107 Pa. Mix the liquids obtained, let stand 48 hours and filter ”. The quantity obtained is the macerated-mother or glycerine macerate (M.G.).

At this point, starting from the macerated mother or glycerinated macerate (MG), it performs in the laboratory a mixture of water, alcohol and glycerine a subsequent dilution to the first Hahnemannian decimal (1DH): a part of the basic preparation (MG) is diluted with 9 parts of a mixture containing 50 parts by weight of glycerin, 30 parts of alcohol and 20 parts of water. Everything is stirred to optimally mix the preparation. Commonly the alcohol content reached is 38°.
This preparation is defined as glycerine macerate (M.G.) at the first Hahnemannian decimal (1DH) or → M.G.1DH, commonly known as "gemmoderivato" (bud extract).

Walnut bud extract: properties

The Walnut bud extract manifest anti-infective and anti-inflammatory properties: they experimentally stimulate the hepatic cells of Kupffer, thus carrying out an important drainage action. Useful for trachea, bronchi, skin, pancreas, intestine. We are now investigating in the European scientific literature to discover its properties and for what might be recommended Walnut bud extract  (obviously these are not prescriptions but scientific researches).

Active against staphylococcus and streptococcus and against germs that develop at the level of the mucous membranes, in particular at the level of the trachea and bronchi, the Walnut bud extract  (Juglans regia) will be indicated in the treatment of angina (recommended in association with the bud derivative of red vine), tracheobronchitis, otitis and sinusitis. For sinusitis it can be flanked by Carpinus betulus. For a general treatment of chronic bronchitis, on the other hand, the association of the Walnut bud extract  is more suitable as it is a good anti-infective that acts against the germs that usually develop at the level of the tracheal and bronchial mucosa, with blackcurrant bud extract, for its several times cited general anti-inflammatory action: generally everyone has 50 drops diluted in water as a dosage, sipping slowly, morning and evening.