Cypress essential oil properties and uses

Cypress essential oil, with its multiple properties and uses, between chemistry and scientific literature: let's get to know it to discover its benefits.

Magnesium supplements: what they are for and which one to choose

Magnesium is a fundamental mineral for life. Here is a discussion on its role in our body, the recommended doses and the most assimilable magnesium supplement

Blackcurrant bud extract against inflammation and allergies

Ribes nigrum bud extract is called "the pearl of gemmotherapy". Let's find out from the scientific literature what it is and the properties that make ribes nigrum bud extract special against inflammation and allergies.

The properties of the walnut, the benefits and use of the walnut bud extract

The innumerable properties of walnut and the benefits and use of walnut buds, in particular for skin and mucous membranes: discover them in this article edited by Dr. Comollo.

The essential oil of sweet orange what it is and what it is used for

How many times have we eaten an orange and discarded the skin like a waste product? in nature everything is precious. In this post we will discover together the essential oil of sweet orange what it is and what it serves with some useful insights to get to know it better.

Arnica the powerful natural anti-inflammatory for external use

Arnica: an in-depth analysis from a herbalist point of view on this beautiful flower of our hills and mountains and an examination on two different herbal phytocosmetic preparations that exploit the arnica as a powerful natural anti-inflammatory.

From cherry peduncles a solution to prevent cystitis

How many of you ate cherries and threw away the stalks? find out what the cherry peduncles in herbal medicine are for and how to use them effectively, especially as a natural remedy to prevent recurrent cystitis.

Oral care: mouthwash and natural mouthwash

The mouthwash can be a valid aid for our oral hygiene if carefully chosen based on what it contains, otherwise in the long term it could also cause damage. We discover in this article how the mouthwashes and our suggestions are made for the choice of a valid mouthwash.

An ancient purifying digestive: compound milk thistle

Often in herbal medicine it is nice to rediscover some ancient recipe, perhaps even from a technical and scientific point of view. The Dr. Comollo, herbalist technician proposes in this reading a digestive digestive recipe based on milk thistle.

The rose in herbal medicine and cosmetics properties and uses of the most famous species

The Rosaceae family includes many species, the most famous of which are Rosa Canina, Rosa gallica, Rosa centifolia, Rosa Mosqueta, Rosa Damascena. Let's find out their use in herbal medicine and cosmetics.

Rosa canina bud extract the properties to know

Dog rose is a plant of the genus Rosa whose young shoots have great potential: an in-depth study of the scientific literature on the properties of the rose hip derivative, to understand why, when and how to use it.

Herbal teas in an Italian herbalist's shop: how they are formulated and prepared

Herbal teas: here are some rules that a professional herbalist or a phytopreparator know.

Herbal teas: what they are and what they are for

In this article we deal with a classic theme dear to us herbalists: herbal teas. We will start from the "bases", not so obvious as you think and that is about what teas are and what they are for.