Green tea and body weight loss: recent studies

Green tea extract: extraordinary properties that are being studied over the last thirty years make it a truly precious extract and from the latest studies it would also seem a natural fat burner to weight loss, as long as it has a certain content of catechins. Find out what's new.

Arctium lappa Mother tincture for skin well-being

Arctium lappa Mother tincture is precious for its general purifying, diuretic and antibacterial action. Thanks to its actions it is very useful especially in the change of season but not only for our skin. Find out more!

Cosmeceutics: what it is and what it is for

Here is everything you need to know about cosmeceuticals: what they are, what they are for, what they contain and the plus compared to normal cosmetics.

Internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids: effective natural remedies and gemmotherapy

External hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids: effective natural remedies to treat them at 360°.