Beauty Face Body Hair

Many useful tips on how to take care of ourselves through small but important daily gestures and the use of specific, natural and effective products.
Our Dr. Comollo will unveil natural causes and remedies to better treat face, body and hair problems or to maintain their wellbeing.

Hemp oil: how to use it and why

Here is what hemp oil is used for and its properties that make it useful in the food, cosmetic and therapeutic fields.

Natural cosmetics Made in Italy: enzymatic bioliquefaction what it is and what it is used for

Italian Natural Beauty, the last frontier: enzymatic bioliquefaction is the last frontier of Made in Italy cosmetics, but few know about this new innovative technique: here is enzyme bioliquefaction what it is and what it is used for.

Triphala: against hair loss also remedies from Ayurvedic

Hair loss can be absolutely natural or exaggerated. Find out against hair loss natural remedies and tips and the role of Triphala, an Ayurvedic recipe.

Skin care: peeling and scrubs

To maintain an elastic, luminous and healthy skin and to prevent wrinkles, it is good to occasionally exfoliate it. Let's find out what it is used for and how to exfoliate the skin with peeling or scrubs.

How to choose the best sunscreens for you

Sun, heat, walks or games in the sun, seaside holidays in the mountains: nothing more beautiful but be careful not to burn yourself. Here are some tips to know and some tips on how to choose the best sunscreens.