Mother Tinctures

In addition to discovering everything about mother tincture, what it is and how to prepare it, we will deepen the most used tinctures, how to use mother tinctures and their main beneficial effects.

Arctium lappa Mother tincture for skin well-being

Arctium lappa Mother tincture is precious for its general purifying, diuretic and antibacterial action. Thanks to its actions it is very useful especially in the change of season but not only for our skin. Find out more!

Eschscholtzia Mother tincture: natural remedies for sleep

Californian Poppy mother tincture against tension and insomnia. Here's everything you need to know about this precious plant, one of the most common natural remedies for sleep.

Sage mother tincture: properties and uses

Sage is a plant with unique properties known since ancient times. The mother tincture of sage is prepared with fresh sage. Discover in this post for the mother tincture of sage properties and uses!

Dandelion mother tincture: natural remedy for liver and skin

Discover the natural remedies that you can get from the dandelion mother tincture. Dandelion is one of the best known plants in the world.

Fumitory for gallbladder biliary tract and skin

Fumitory is a common herbaceous plant and a valid help for skin, liver and bile ducts: find out in this article.