How to color hair naturally

Do not miss the secrets and tips of on dyeing herbs and henna: what they are, what to choose, how to choose them, how to use them, how to make henne, and lots of other useful information to color hair naturally.

Logwood tree and Logwood dye: a natural dye also for hair

Logwood: what is it? how to use? Did you know that among its many uses as a natural dye (logwood dye) it can also be used to obtain beautiful natural colors for your hair? find out here, along with our advice.

Natural dyes for hair and henna: here's how to prepare them

Find out how to prepare natural hair dyes and henna with our precious tips.

Henna and herbal dyeing: the rules to know how to use them

Here it is to you some tips for those approaching the world of henna and herbal dyes for the first time.