Bud extracts

Gemmoderivatives or glycerine macerates are herbal products obtained with the young parts of plants (meristems). They help to promote the physiological functions of the organism, exercising a sweet and deep action, particularly safe and reliable. Also recommended for children. In these articles we will talk about the properties, benefits and their use.

Birch sap properties and benefits

Birch sap, already known in the past, could be our ally against cellulite and for general drainage. Let's talk about it here.

Horse chestnut for swollen legs, capillary fragility, cellulite

The horse chestnut is one of the natural remedies for swollen legs, capillary fragility, cellulite, in particular in the form of bud-derived. We talk about it here.

Raspberry bud extract, menstrual pain and menopause

Raspberry bud extract: from nature a valid ally to restore a normal endocrine balance in women. Find out more about this bud extract, a help against menstrual pain, menopause and other female problems.

The properties you don't know about the rowan bud extract

What is the use of the rowan bud extract? discover the properties you don't know about rowan to get the best out of it.

Blackcurrant bud extract against inflammation and allergies

Ribes nigrum bud extract is called "the pearl of gemmotherapy". Let's find out from the scientific literature what it is and the properties that make ribes nigrum bud extract special against inflammation and allergies.