Supply and nutraceuticals

Proper nutrition is essential to stay in a state of health and well-being. There are precious foods with specific evidence that can help us in daily life to improve, for example, digestion, circulation, inflammatory state. Our Dr. Comollo will give us valuable information and advice for healthy eating and will also tell you about the new frontiers of nutrition: nutraceuticals.

Compulsive eating and Binge eating disorders

How many times have we experienced a negative situation and spontaneously go to seek consolation in food? find out what nervous hunger is and what is meant by binge eating disorders and how to deal with them.

Nutraceuticals: what they are and what to know about them

Have you ever heard of nutraceutics and nutraceuticals? do you know what these terms mean? Dr. Comollo explains in this post what nutraceuticals and nutraceuticals are and what they are for. Find out now.

Here is the Best Omega 3 supplement for skin, heart and brain

Omega 3 is essential for healthy skin, heart, brain, but not all omega 3 supplements are created equal: this is the best omega 3 supplement.

Types of flour and gluten intolerance

Here is a fairly complete guide that will explain how to recognize and choose the types of flour on the market, for bread, pizza and pasta, the intolerance to gluten caused by some flours, the sensitivity to gluten and natural remedies.

Vitamin C: benefits, contraindications and advices

Vitamin C: where it can be found, what its functions are, what best vitamin C to take. The doses, warnings and side effects of ascorbic acid. Let's find out everything in this post.