Advice and Natural Remedies

Often in our daily life we ​​are used to taking synthetic substances that allow us to solve even minor problems but in an immediate way, often with side effects. There are anyway natural remedies to improve the quality of our live. As professional graduates it is our duty to explain and advice them.

Binge eating disorders treatment

Compulsive eating: what remedies? here some advice to find a binge eating disorders treatment.

Overweight: natural ways to weight loss

Overweight? don't worry, find out our natural ways to weight loss: tips not to be missed.

Conjunctivitis: types, symptoms, causes and remedies to be discovered

Let's find out the symptoms, causes and natural remedies against conjunctivitis.

Cold sores natural remedies

Cold sore on lips, what a nuisance! but do we really know the problem? here is what you need to know about cold sores and useful natural remedies to deal with it.

Irritable bowel syndrome treatment

Irritable colon syndrome: symptoms and causes. In particular, let's take an insight on Irritable bowel syndrome treatment.