Herbs and Officinal Plants

Herbs and Medicinal Plants: nature at our service for our well-being. But we need to know them better to obtain benefits and help during our lives.

Pygeum for prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis: properties and benefits

Pygeum is a plant known for its properties and benefits for the prostate, in particular for prostatitis and BPH. That's why, some scientific studies about it, and where you can find it.

Psyllium seeds: properties beneficials and use

Psyllium seeds: beneficial properties and use in herbal medicine. Find out with us.

Alchemy Spagyric and Quintessence: spagyric remedies

Spagirica is nothing but an intertwining of alchemy and herbal medicine. A world perhaps little known but existing and spagyric remedies are proof of this: we discover what they are, how they are prepared and the technique of producing the quintessence.

Horsetail properties and benefits

Horsetail in herbal medicine: plant card, what it is used for, uses, contraindications. Dr. Comollo, graduate in herbal techniques, will illustrate for you about the Horsetail properties, benefits, scientific curiosities.

The rose in herbal medicine and cosmetics properties and uses of the most famous species

The Rosaceae family includes many species, the most famous of which are Rosa Canina, Rosa gallica, Rosa centifolia, Rosa Mosqueta, Rosa Damascena. Let's find out their use in herbal medicine and cosmetics.