Herbs and Officinal Plants

Herbs and Medicinal Plants: nature at our service for our well-being. But we need to know them better to obtain benefits and help during our lives.

Vasoconstrictors: Butcher's broom for swollen legs and hemorrhoids

It is the Butcher's Broom the plant that scientific literature has elected as the best of the natural vasoconstrictors, especially useful for swollen legs and hemorrhoids. We explain why.

Birch: properties and natural remedies

Birch: all you need to know about the use of birch, betula pendula (or white birch) and pubescens, in herbal medicine.

Altea in herbal medicine: traditional properties and uses

Altea officinale is a plant known since ancient times, in particular for curing cough and throat, pharynx and bronchial diseases: these are just some of the many properties. In this post we will reveal all the traditional documented properties and uses for the marshmallow in herbal medicine.

Pygeum for prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis: properties and benefits

Pygeum is a plant known for its properties and benefits for the prostate, in particular for prostatitis and BPH. That's why, some scientific studies about it, and where you can find it.

Psyllium seeds: properties beneficials and use

Psyllium seeds: beneficial properties and use in herbal medicine. Find out with us.