An ancient purifying digestive: compound milk thistle

Often in herbal medicine it is nice to rediscover some ancient recipe, perhaps even from a technical and scientific point of view. The Dr. Comollo, herbalist technician proposes in this reading a digestive digestive recipe based on milk thistle.

The rose in herbal medicine and cosmetics properties and uses of the most famous species

The Rosaceae family includes many species, the most famous of which are Rosa Canina, Rosa gallica, Rosa centifolia, Rosa Mosqueta, Rosa Damascena. Let's find out their use in herbal medicine and cosmetics.

Rosa canina bud extract the properties to know

Dog rose is a plant of the genus Rosa whose young shoots have great potential: an in-depth study of the scientific literature on the properties of the rose hip derivative, to understand why, when and how to use it.

Herbal teas in an Italian herbalist's shop: how they are formulated and prepared

Herbal teas: here are some rules that a professional herbalist or a phytopreparator know.

Herbal teas: what they are and what they are for

In this article we deal with a classic theme dear to us herbalists: herbal teas. We will start from the "bases", not so obvious as you think and that is about what teas are and what they are for.