Natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics what they are, differences, certifications

In this article we will explore in our article the difference between natural and organic cosmetics and how to recognize them on the market.

Pure and high quality essential oils Made in Italy: the Gadoi project

The market for essential oils is vast and based on the purposes of the different sectors the producers make their choices. Defining the concept of quality for essential oils is not easy: we therefore leave the floor to an internationally renowned Italian phytotherapist and aromatherapist, Marco Valussi, who wanted to carry out a project entirely Made in Italy.

Ingrown nail a natural treatment Made in Como

How much discomfort does an ingrown nail give? often at home you don't know what to do and you look for a thousand possible remedies: here is a natural remedy to disinfect and disinfect the ingrown nail, preparing it to prepare it for a professional aesthetic treatment.

Mycosis to toenails (onychomycosis) and natural remedies Made in Como

Onychomycosis, mycosis to toenails: discover the natural remedies to combat this type of mycosis, all from Como that we offer you.

Fermented Papaya: health benefits, quality and use

Papaya is an exotic fruit with renowned antioxidant properties. We will discuss about pure fermented papaya, its benefits, the most appropriate use to make of it and some advice and evaluations for the choice of product quality.