Mother tincture, how to prepare and how to use it

Mother tinctures, tinctures, hydroalcoholic solution .. let's make a little bit of clarity. We propose a deepening on the mother tinctures: what is, how to prepare and use it, which are the most used and what are they used for.

What Fig bud extract is used for

Anxiety, nervous and stress can have serious repercussions on the stomach (digestive difficulties, reflux, acidity, gastritis, gastric ulcer). The fig bud extract can be an excellent natural remedy for this and much more: let's discover together what fig bud extract s used for and how to use it.

Silver fir bud extract for bonse, teeth and more

The silver fir bud extract: an excellent help for growing children, teeth, bones: a useful in-depth study to discover the properties of the bud derivative and its benefits.

Natural remedies for water retention

In a last post we talked about "drainage in gemmotherapy", now we will face it in phytotherapy. Discover the natural remedies for water retention.

Vitamin D for bones: why it is so important

Numerous scientific studies show that vitamin D deficiency represents not only an important factor conditioning skeletal health, but also a possible contributing factor in the pathogenesis of numerous chronic diseases. Find out what it is, where it is, symptoms and consequences of vitamin D3 deficiency and what we recommend as vitamin D for your bones.