How to use essential oils on children: cautions and practical advice

The use of essential oils on children must be carried out with due caution. Here are some rules, tips and essential oils to prefer or avoid based on age groups: find out how to use essential oils for children in a useful, pleasant, but safe way.

Essential oils, practical tips for outdoor use

At least 16 different ways to use essential oils regularly: do you know them? discover for the essential oils the practical advice for use and for their choice according to the purposes for which you want to use them.

Lime and linden bud extract: the natural sedative

Linden bud extract: a natural sedative (and not only): we discover together its beneficial properties and how it is used to obtain the desired benefits.

Constipation natural remedies

In this post we tell about constipation, which natural substances are usually indicated for its treatment and our advices about constipation and a lot of natural remedies to combact it.

Effective eco organic products for your hair care

It's important taking care of your hair and scalp; It's important the correct choose of effective products to clean, care and styling, with particular and specific features. Discover the effective eco organic products (cosmeceuticals) for your hair care we recommended and how to use them correctly.