Heavy legs: how to find the well-being of microcirculation with natural remedies

Heaviness and swelling of the legs are symptoms of an alteration of the venous circulation: discover how to find lightness and tonicity with 100% natural and functional remedies, to promote the well-being of the microcirculation.

How to detoxify the body with gemmotherapy

Drainage and gemmotherapy: together we discover how to detoxify our body with gemmotherapy to maintain a state of balance.

Natural remedies against lice

Pediculosis is an infestation of lice, small insects that live by sucking the host's blood. Knowing what is, why it manifests, the symptoms, is essential to prevent infection. In case of contagion instead, here are the effective natural remedies against lice.

Effective natural remedies against joint pain

Do the joint pain prevent you from living peacefully? in this post Dr. Comollo will illustrate what they are and effective natural remedies for joint pain that advises you.

Natural remedies against seasonal allergies

Spring is coming and you can not take any more of the usual allergies? know our natural remedies against seasonal allergies and do not get caught unprepared.