Natural remedies to cleanse your liver

The liver performs very important functions for our metabolism, for this reason it is necessary to keep it always in good health: discover with this post how to detoxify the liver naturally.

The various types of skin PART III - How to treat oily and prone skin

Seborrheic skin can be: asphyxiated skin, oily skin, mixed skin, acne-prone impure skin. Discover how to distinguish them and our advice on natural cosmetics on how to treat oily and asphyxiated oily greasy skin.

The various types of skin PART II - How to treat seborrheic skin

Let's discover what seborrheic skin, its characteristics and our advice on how to treat seborrheic skin with natural cosmetics for a luminous, hydrated and healthy skin.

Different skin types and specific treatments - PART I

The skin is our outer barrier: an important role to be preserved. Knowing the different skin types, normal, dry, mixed, sensitive, seborrheic, is essential to understand the specific characteristics and the bio routines to be followed for the various problems.

Food intolerances: natural remedies - PART II

The gluten and lactose intolerances are the most common: find out how to deal with them with our tested natural remedies.