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Bones supplements

In our online herb shop, we offer you in our selection of bone supplements, the FitoD3 supplement, with vegetable vitamin D3 (from lichen) supplement to strengthen bones. For questions or advice on the product we are at your disposal. Read also our post.

  • Cod liver oil 100 pearls

    Cod liver oil, a significant source of vitamin A and D. It contains unsaturated fatty acids, essential dietary factors that are not usually found in commercial preparations based on vitamins A and D. Recommended for a harmonious body development. Also used in the prophylaxis of rickets in children, in adult osteoporosis.

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  • Vitamin D3 (FitoD3) 50 ml
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    Vitamin D3 (FitoD3) 50 ml

    Supplement to strengthen bones. FitoD3, the vitamin D3 of vegetable origin (from lichen), with a pleasant taste, contributes to the normal maintenance of bones and to the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and to the normal functionality of the immune system.

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