"AROMATHERAPY" means any use of Essential Oils (and other aromatic materials of natural origin) for therapeutic purposes and to promote health and well-being, both through a pharmacological activity (oral intake, inhalation, transdermal, rectal and vaginal) and type olfactory.

Here's what you'll find in this department:

Essential oils and mix of essential oils: Erboristeria Como has selected for you the essential oils of Maternatura and Gadoi line, produced in the Laboratory of Officina Lessinia, under the guidance of prof. Marco Valussi. This laboratory is located in Lessinia, a renowned area between Veneto and Trentino. As for the essences, they come from plants grown in Lessinia or from specially selected growers on the places of origin of the plants from which the essence originates, and in the MaterNatura Laboratories.

We recall that, while "essential oil" means the product, hydrophobic, of steam distillation of aromatic plants, or, but only in the special case of citrus fruit peels, the hydrophobic product of cold pressing.

Hydrolates: the hydrolate, or "aromatic water" is a distilled water charged by the distillation of volatile active ingredients contained in plants ". Given their lack of toxicity, they can have innumerable uses, depending on their properties, such as: for skin inflammation, to control excessive sebum production or to reduce acne inflammation, to soothe eye ache and the inflammations of the conjunctiva, as simple refreshing and soothing, like aftershave. The hydrolates can be used together with the preparations of face, body and hair masks because they enhance and integrate their functionalities. They are used pure or diluted directly on the skin. We have selected for you the Maternatura (in Veneto) and Microcosmo (in the province of Como) hydrolates.

The department is completed by pure vegetable oils produced by Flora srl ​​(Tuscany) and ICEA Cosmosorganic certificates, which can be used pure or as carriers for essential oils in aromatherapy massages.

Welcome to our aromatherapy department!