who we are

This online Herbalist's shop is the product of the experience and passion acquired along the past several years by Dr. Laura Comollo, who graduated in Herbal Medicine and Technology (one of the degrees offered by the department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies), in 2006, from the School of Pharmacy of the State University of Milan, Italy.


This Herbalist's store is, therefore, managed by a professional herbalist who has acquired the scientific and methodological expertise necessary for the production, processing, marketing and personal use of medicinal plants. Graduates in Herbal Techniques are trained to deal with the disorders of human body, to provide remedies and rehabilitation using methods, treatments and substances traditionally used by folk medicine, and proven to be effective in stimulating, improving and preserving the health and well-being of all people.

Our mission is to promote the use of natural remedies, natural skin care and aromatheraphy in favor of a healthy and natural lifestyle.

We guarantee the utmost professionalism in choosing the products of our herbalist, operated according to certain criteria: the products you will find are tracked and followed throughout the production chain, the raw materials are 100% Made in Italy and produced with organic cultivation, their realization is the result of the combination of tradition and scientific research (in collaboration with Italian universities), integrated with technological innovation in order to obtain optimal results in quality and safety. In respect of our philosophy we specify that the selected cosmetics and cosmetics are Ecobio certified, also developed in collaboration with the University laboratories.