Welcome to our natural skin care department, where you can find high quality and entirely Made in Italy organic cosmetics products.

Our natural skin care products are organics, ICEA certified and free of GMO, SLS, SLES, PEG, PPG derivatives, mineral oils, silicones and derivatives, aluminum and silicon derivatives and synthetic origin, carcinogenic or allergenic substances, aggressive surfactants, synthetic dyes, parabens and allergenic preservatives, substances harmful to the environment, animal derivatives.

Compared to traditional cosmetics, our natural cosmetics are phyto-cosmetics, products of plant origin without pesticides, which have a formulation as much as possible of natural origin, and with active ingredients exclusively of plant origin extracted with methods that preserve as much as possible the characteristics of the phytocomplex (set of active ingredients that a plant, a plant or the different components of it possesses). Using the phytocomplex is the only way to reproduce the beneficial effect of a specific plant in its entirety, while maintaining the synergistic action of the different active ingredients. All our cosmetics are produced with a guaranteed supply chain.

In our Made in Italy natural skin care department we have selected for you:

- some functional natural cosmetics that go well with our medical devices or the natural supplements that we offer, as well as cosmetics for oral hygiene and for body hygiene, and natural cosmetics with particular functionality to treat certain problems (lice, onychomycosis , etc.);

- organic cosmetics with a high concentration of active and multifunctional ingredients, also called cosmeceuticals, with high anti-aging action: we are talking about the EcoBio natural dermo-cure cosmetic line by Domus Olea, the first Italian cosmeceutical line. Domus Olea bio cosmetics are formulated and tested in collaboration with the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Florence;

hair dyes: the hair dyes without ammonia and resorcinol of Specchiasol with certified organic ingredients, and for lovers of natural hair dyes and vegetable treatments for hair care Erboristeria Como offers henna and certified herbal dyes of Phitofilos, 100% vegetable and vegan colors ok.

- Specchiasol and Microcosm sun products for children and adults, to give the alternative to those who prefer sun products with physical and chemical filters from those who prefer only sun products with physical filters;

- high-quality natural cosmetics for babies, from Maternatura and Microcosmo brands, formulated to respect their sensitive skin and at the same time take care of it in complete safety, giving relaxation and well-being to babies and children during or after their bath or before bedtime, or during diaper change;

- the clay line of the San Valle herbal master laboratory, also useful in association with our aromatherapy products.

Believing that we have selected only the best, we welcome you to our natural skin care department: discover our organic cosmetics online Made in Italy!