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Food supplements: Most botanical species known for their health properties have no reference products for medicinal use and for this reason they can be used only with the aim of maintaining good health, preventing possible pathological conditions and integrating states of nutritional deficiency. The regulatory framework that governs these products is that of food supplements, regulated in detail in Italy since 2002/46 / EC. The Italian Ministry of Health and EFSA in Europe impose a series of requirements for the ingredients that can be used, starting from the safety of use. Vegetable products placed on the market as food supplements can report health claims, authorized primarily by EFSA.
The supplements proposed in this Erboristeria are both our brand, produced in the laboratories of Biodue Spa in collaboration with some Italian universities and to be combined if necessary with our Medical Devices both those of the company Specchiasol and San Valle 1967.

Hydroalcoholic Solutions: According to the F.U.I. (Italian Official Pharmacopoeia) "dyes are liquid preparations generally obtained by treatment with alcohol, of an appropriate title, of plant raw materials". Exceptionally a tincture can also be prepared by a freshly grown drug grown in its natural habitat and harvested in its balsamic time (mother tincture). The dye / drug ratio is 5/1 (E / D = 5: 1) excluding poisonous or very active plants (heroic drugs) for which it is instead 10/1. Nowadays the fluid extracts have undoubted advantages because the current technologies allow low-alcohol preparations (useful for the preparation of syrups) and the title is declared in harmony with the needs of the Pharmacopoeias. However, this does not favor the extraction of the "phytocomplex", contrary to what happens with the mother dyes for which an alcoholic degree different from plant to plant seems better to favor the extraction of the active ingredients qualifying the activity of the drug and leaves unaltered also the typical characteristics of each plant, with regard to color and aroma and taste that really refer to the fresh plant. The dyes are used as such, in drops.
The T.M. sold by "Erboristeria Como" all have been prepared from a fresh plant, in the laboratories of Biodue Spa and from Specchiasol srl.

Bud Extracts: The bud extracts, or glycerated or glycerinated macerates, are remedies obtained by maceration of the most vital germinal parts of the plant in a solution of alcohol and glycerin, subsequently diluted in water. The vegetable parts used for the preparation of the gemmoderivati ​​are the embryonic tissues (buds, young jets, rootlets, rind of the root and of the young stems, seeds, etc.) collected in their balsamic time, generally towards the end of winter and the beginning of spring, at the moment when the concentration of the active ingredients that characterize them is maximum.
Thanks to the richness and variety of the biochemical processes that take place in the gem, which has a considerable energy potential due to the presence of hormones, flavonoids and peptides, principles endowed with properties that stimulate cellular metabolism and allow the bud to get to bloom, the attention of pharmacologists as well as cosmetologists has focused on this moment of plant life, in order to derive the so-called "gemmoderivati". 
In Erboristeria Como the bud extracts ​​are produced directly by Specchiasol.

Herbal teas: In every self-respecting herbal medicine can not miss the herbal teas. The herbal tea still represents a modality, certainly light, but acceptable, of the administration of the active principles of the plant understood in its entirety. The water keeps almost all the active ingredients in sufficient solution with the temperature of the infusion and with the assimilation they adequately provide the digestive enzymes. The general activities of washing, activation of the excretors, detoxification and diuresis, exerted by the herbal tea, are also undisputed. Erboristeria Como has selected for you Specchiasol functional herbal teas in a pack of 100 gr, waiting to offer even herbal teas formulate by us as soon as it will conclude the process of notification to the Ministry of Health.