Selected Brands

THE OFFICINAL PLANTS: the products with our brand are guaranteed by the production laboratories. The production plants respond to the most sophisticated technologies in order to guarantee the necessary quality levels required by the production processes, the production facilities are registered under the EC Reg. 852/2004 and have obtained the G.M.P. ("Good Manufacturing Practice"). The production laboratory Biodue S.p.a. has also obtained registration no. 10725095718 at the U.S. Food and Drag Administration. The plant carries out its production activity in compliance with the former Legislative Decree 111/92 and with the requirements of the FEDER-SALUS Company Qualification Program (National Federation of Health Products Manufacturers). The ingredients used in our branded products The Officinal Plants are produced in Italy, respecting the nature, the production chain is controlled by the seed of the plant with the most rigorous analytical results. During the production process, the products undergo rigorous controls to ensure effectiveness and compliance with current regulations. The research activity is focused on innovation and product development, also making use of the collaboration with the most renowned Italian Universities.

MATERNATURA SRL: is a family business in the Veneto region that offers high quality cosmetics, which are Eco-biologically certified AIAB and Vegan OK. Cosmetics are produced in Italy with the use of plants from biodynamic, biological and wild cultivations. Maternatura does not use dyes, but makes use of vegetable liposomes and natural preservatives such as: grapefruit seed extract, vitamins A, E, C and essential oils. Maternatura also makes use of the largest and most specialized bio-natural cosmetic laboratory in Italy, which collaborates with several universities to create new formulations and innovative eco-certified organic products. All Maternatura products are not tested on animals and do not contain: parabens, paraffins, mineral oils, GMOs, SLS and SLES and DEA. Maternatura products are dermatologically tested (nickel tested <0.0001%) for the well-being of all skin types, even the most sensitive.

SPECCHIASOL SRL: is a leading company in the production of herbal products and cosmetics, all made by combining the best of herbal tradition with scientific research and the most modern technology. Founded in 1973 Specchiasol produces and sells 750 references between officinal herbs, essential oils, trace elements, vitamins, hydroalcoholic solutions from fresh plants and gemmoderivati, food supplements and cosmetics. Specchiasol is based in Bussolengo in the province of Verona and in Specchia in the province of Lecce. The raw materials come from the two organic farms owned by the Specchiasol Group, located in Specchia and Ferrara di Monte Baldo, in the province of Verona.

SAN VALLE 1967-MAGISTRAL HERBALIST LABORATORY: it is a phytotherapic and cosmetic laboratory based in Veneto that is born taking up the ancient traditions and knowledge on the use and properties of officinal plants with the constant study of new formulations through modern technologies and experience matured alongside herbalists, pharmacists, doctors and by observing the wishes and opinions of the final consumer. All products are prepared by qualified personnel, starting from certified raw materials that are processed, mixed and packaged in compliance with the laws in force according to the Ministry of Health. The San Valle 1967 offers cosmetic lines with scrupulous attention to the ingredients and formulation and high quality supplements. The success has led the company to invest even more in the search for innovative products that can bring immediate benefits to the individual without any sophistication, which in efficient and modern machinery.

DOMUS OLEA TOSCANA snc: is a Tuscan company that is born from the passion for organic, for quality and living well in respect of the world around us, with the idea of ​​demonstrating to the consumer the anti-aging efficacy of its products with recognized tests. Effectiveness is all linked to organic ingredients, therefore to the use of substances known not to be harmful to human health and that respect the environment and animal welfare. Domus Olea Toscana produces Organic Cosmeceutics with a high content of active ingredients, ie Eco Bio Cosmeceuticals based on Tuscan plant extracts in collaboration with the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of University of Florence, to ensure the high biological efficacy of the organic product. Domus Olea Tuscany and partner companies directly cultivate the plants for the extracts, to check their quality and so that the collection and extraction are carried out in the moment of greatest concentration of active ingredients. Its products are Multifunctional or designed to perform multiple functions on the skin and be suitable for many parts of the body, through the use of many ingredients with different properties. Domus Olea toscana cosmetics are "cosmeceutics": Gianni Proserpio, in his book "The other cosmetics" said:"dermatological cosmetics is a sector of cosmetics aimed at providing the dermatologist with cosmetics formulated according to their needs. It corresponds, in practice, to cosmeceutics". Domus Olea products DO NOT contain GMO, SLS, SLES, PEG, PPG derivatives, Mineral oils, Silicones and derivatives, Aluminum and silicon derivatives and synthetic origin, Carcinogenic or allergenic substances, Aggressive surfactants, Synthetic dyes, Parabens and preservatives, allergens, Substances harmful to the environment.

GADOI: The essential oils and aromatic waters of the Gadoi line are the result of the passion of the "Officina Lessinia Association" for the mountain territory, its products and its perfumes. The desire to give life to an economic flywheel for this fascinating territory, in great suffering in recent decades due to the deterioration and economic crisis, has meant that in the autumn of 2015 was born FX Laboratorio Benessere srl, located in the heart of Lessinia (in Veneto) and followed, inter alia, by an internationally renowned professional: prof. Marco Valussi. "Officina Lessinia" personally selects the varieties or cultivars of the plant most suited to the territory, acquires them exclusively from suppliers specialized in aromatic plants that are grown by local farmers who are partners in the project, transforming them exclusively into its distillation plant. "Officina Lessinia" produces essential oils and aromatic waters from plants that have their own habitat. The GADOI products are certified organic and to ensure that the entire supply chain always follows transparent and quality production standards, Officina Lessinia has also drafted a specification to which all those (farmers and regional projects) who are or will be involved in the project must adhere. From the lot number on each product it is possible to trace the entire production chain up to the farmer who has cultivated the raw material. 

FLORA SRL: It is an Italian company, attentive to natural and high quality, we offer you the precious non-refined base oils for treatments in Aromatherapy and in natural cosmetics, perfect vectors to be mixed with 100% pure essential oils. During the physiological process of skin aging, the skin undergoes the gradual formation of imperfections, more or less precociously, depending on its type and the care that has been dedicated to it. A very effective way is to nourish it with vegetable oils known in general for their toning, nourishing, elasticizing and moisturizing properties, obviously depending on the plant from which they are extracted. The vegetable oils, in their characteristic of softening and insulating substances, can delay the evaporation of water from the epidermal surface thanks to their occlusive properties: this allows to increase the amount of water actually contained in the stratum corneum, going to regulate the water regime. All this to ensure a healthy, soft and smooth epidermis. These vegetable oils, in aromatherapy massages, can be used pure or as vectors for 100% pure, natural and total essential oils. They are all BIO-COSMOS certified.

PHITOFILOS SRL: Phitofilos was created to meet the needs of professionals in the field of hair care and beauty. This Italian company, with 40 years of experience in the herbal sector and specialized in Ecobio certified natural cosmetics, deals with the formulation of natural products for hair coloring, care and wellbeing, with the aim of offering quality treatments, ecofriendly and cruelty free. In Phitofilos we offer you the dyeing herbs, the vegetable treatments and the curative vegetable body wraps for the scalp.

MICROCOSMO: Microcosm is an important Como-based company that deals with natural cosmetics. It is located in Asso in the Larian Triangle and has been working for years in the herbal-phytotherapy sector. Microcosmo offers a particular natural cosmetic line characterized by the presence of spagyric extracts as functional substances and created by operators and collaborators who put in the first place the extraordinary balance of nature, giving life to a productive reality in which research, experimentation and nature itself are closely integrated . The intent of this Como-based company is to respect the ancient traditions by integrating them with the modern world.