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Raspberry Bud Extract 50 ml

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Raspberry bud extract (Rubus Idaeus) presents an elective organotropism towards the female genital apparatus and the pituitary-ovary axis (Brigo B., op. Cit., 2004).

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Dosage: 50 drops, diluted in water and sipped slowly, 1-2 times a day.

In scientific literature, it is recommended for:

- dysmenorrhea: the action of raspberry manifests itself preferentially in the pains that appear at the beginning of menstruation, or on the eve, and which diminish or disappear when the flow is established. (B. Brigo, 2004)

- menopause: as a regulator of ovarian function it is indicated for the treatment of early menopause; in fact it stimulates the ovaries when their function is slowed down, as regards both the estrogenic and the progestin secretion. It also completes the action of Vaccinium vitis idaea in the full-blown menopause, acting effectively in hot flushes. (P. Henry, B. Brigo)

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