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Rose Hip Bud Extract 50 ml

Rosa Canina Bud Extract 50 ml M.G. 1DH

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Rosa Canina bud extract is useful to promote the well-being of the upper respiratory tract, also in the pediatric field, increasing the immune defenses.

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Instructions for use: it is generally recommended to take 50 drops of Rosa Canina bud extract, once a day, diluted in a little water.

Functional ingredients: Rosa Canina glycerine macerate (Rosa canina L.) young jets.

Curiosity from the scientific literature:

Rosa Canina bud extract is widely used in the pediatric field as it is very effective in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases affecting the respiratory system (rhinopharyngitis, otitis, tonsillitis). For example, for recurrent otitis, the association of Rosa Canina bud extract (20 drops in water before breakfast) with the spruce gemmoderivato (20 drops in water before lunch and dinner) for 20 days per month for 2 -3 months.
The use of Rosa Canina bud extract can help in these cases to increase the body's defenses and it is therefore important to start the administration in time, in the fall, and keep it, even if in cycles, for the whole winter: for example, in the bibliography it is reported Dog Rose bud extract 20-30 drops, diluted in water, before meals for 20 days a month for 2-3 months. This will allow the child (but also the "poor" adult) to be able to cope better with the winter. Medication of states of acute inflammation, it is particularly active in localized and recurrent inflammations that are also accompanied by a decrease in immune defenses: in fact, this bud extract is, as we said, able to reconstitute the immune defenses.

Brand: Specchiasol.

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