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Sorbus domestica Bud Extract 50 ml M.G. 1DH

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Sorbus domestica bud extract has long been known for its beneficial properties on the microcirculation. In particular, it improves venous circulation in the lower limbs, therefore it is excellent for heavy and tired legs and also for varicose legs.

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Instructions for use: It is generally recommended to take 50 drops of Sorbus domestica bud extract a day, to be taken a quarter of an hour before the meal, diluted in a little water.

Functional ingredients: Sorbus glyceric macerate (Sorbus domestica L.) gems.

Curiosity from the scientific literature:

Sorbus bud extract (Sorbus domestica) is considered a specific remedy for veins: it tones the venous wall, fights inflammation and reduces congestive phenomena.
It is associated with the Chestnut bud extract (Castanea vesca (lymphatic drainage)) in the treatment of venous-lymphatic insufficiency of the lower limbs. In the case of varicose legs, the winning association is: Sorb bud extract, Chestnut and Walnut, in this way, for example: Sorb bud extract 50 drops in water before breakfast, Chestnut bud extract 50 drops in water before lunch, Walnut bud extract, 50 drops in water before dinner, for 2 months.

It is reported as useful for the woman in climacteric and in menopause, as it helps to alleviate the circulatory symptoms, such as headache, hot flashes and hypertension characterized in particular by an increase in the minimum pressure. Example of association: blueberry bud extract 50 drops in water before breakfast, sorbo gemmoderivato 50 drops in water before lunch, Chestnut bud extract 50 drops in water after dinner; cycles of 20 days a month for 2-3 months.

Packaging: 50 ml
Brand: Specchiasol.

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