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Natural Vaginal ovules. Phytointimo vaginal ovules is a medical device used in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the vaginal mucosa of bacterial origin (such as Vulvovaginitis) or fungal (such as Candida). Indicated to relieve burning, itching and redness. Also useful as a preventive treatment in cases subject to frequent affections.

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Natural Vaginal ovules adjuvants in the treatment and prevention of Vulvovaginitis and Candida.

Composition: CANDIResolve ™ (Vegetal complex based on Aloe Vera polysaccharides, Salvia Essential Oils, Tea tree oil 30% terpen-4-ol and Grapefruit Seed extract tit. 2% naringin), Lactic acid, mixture of Triglycerides.

How to use: Treatment: 1 ovum per day, in the evening, before going to bed in a lying position, for at least 10 consecutive days. To associate a Lavender Phytointimo with live lactic cultures with probiotic action in the morning, in order to rebalance the vaginal flora. Prevention: cyclically 1 egg a day, the night before going to bed in a lying position, for at least 10 consecutive days.

About the product: CANDIResolve ™ has demonstrated in VITRO the excellent activity ANTI candida, as it blocks the growth of candida spp. In an observational study in VIVO on 60 subjects entitled: "resolution of symptoms from nonspecific vaginitis, such as vaginal discharge, itching, irritation, following therapy with phyto-intimo lavanda associated with phyto-intimal ovules, towards a treatment with lavender based on Benzydamine Hydrochloride, anti-inflammatory "(Dr. Bruno Salerno Surgeon-Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics Dr. Ricci University Magna Grecia of Catanzaro) was found, in the Fitointimo group, an improvement of the symptomatology after 4 days of treatment: in particular as regards disappearance of vaginal discharge, disappearance of itching, disappearance of burning.

Warnings: The product is for vaginal use. Do not swallow. Do not use in case of hypersensitivity and incompatibility with any component of the product. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use in case of injuries. For use during pregnancy and in case of concomitant pharmacological therapies, consult your doctor or gynecologist. The product is not intended for pediatric use.

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Package: 10 ovules of 2g

Brand: Erboristeria Como- Italian Phytopreparators

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