Dandelion mother tincture 50 ml

Dandelion mother tincture 50 ml

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Dandelion Mother Tincture promotes digestive and liver function.

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How to use: morning, just get up: 30 drops of Dandelion Mother Tincture in a little water, in sips; before lunch and dinner: 50 drops in the same manner.

Curiosity from the scientific literature and possible associations:

Dandelion tincture is known for its choleretic, cholagogue, hepatostimulant and slightly diuretic and skin purifying action. Some associations:

- Bergeret, Tétau report the dandelion tincture in their formulation of drops for acne, in association with burdock tincture: to be used in the same quantities until reaching a total 125 ml, taking 60 drops in half a glass of drinking water slowly before 3 meals.

- Bergeret and Tétau for the purifying digestive action give this formula: in the morning, upon awakening: artichoke mother tincture, 50 drops in a little water; before lunch and dinner: tincture of Dandelion Mother, 25 drops in a little water.

- detoxifying formula: artichoke mother tincture, dandelion and mother tincture of fumitory in equal parts in single bottle to take 30 drops diluted in water before the two main meals for 20 days

- for hepato-intestinal disorders: use of the Dandelion Mother Tincture at a dose of 30 drops diluted in a little water in the morning as soon as you get up and 50 drops diluted in a little water half an hour before the 2 main meals: the drops are diluted in a third of glass of water and each sip is passed under the tongue for half a minute before ingesting.

Brand: Erboristeria Como - Italian Phytopreparators

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