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Vitamin D3 (FitoD3) 50 ml

Vitamin D3 (FitoD3) 50 ml

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Supplement to strengthen bones. FitoD3, the vitamin D3 of vegetable origin (from lichen), with a pleasant taste, contributes to the normal maintenance of bones and to the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and to the normal functionality of the immune system.

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FitoD3, vitamin D3 of vegetable origin. Supplement to strengthen bones.

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Instructions for Use. It is assumed: from 3 to 10 years 4 drops per day; boys, pregnant and lactating women: 6 drops per day; adults: 20 drops per day. The product can be taken as it is with a spoon or with yogurt, fruit juice or with a slice of bread. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Brand: Officinal Plants.

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