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Omega 3 Active plus 48 perle

Omega 3 Active plus 48 soft gels

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The best Omega 3 supplement for children and adults. Omega 3 Active Plus is based on fish oil, rich in particular of EPA and DHA, obtained through an exclusive distillation process. The best Omega 3 supplement, is recommended for: maintenance of normal brain function and visual capacity, maintenance of normal triglyceride levels in the blood, maintenance of normal blood pressure.

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The best Omega 3 supplement for children and adults.

Curiosity about the product: This product is concentrated (contains 60% of EPA + DHA); purified; deodorized (an exclusive production technique allows to reduce the smell and aftertaste of fish following intake, ensuring the stability of the oil and preserving it from oxidative processes, bioavailable (EPA and DHA are present in the form of triglycerides, which numerous studies have shown better absorption than the common ethyl ester form.The fish oil selected in Omega 3 Active Plus is produced thanks to innovative techniques in Norway from fish, such as sardines and anchovies, which have a very short life, a fast growth and a high content of Omega 3. Fishing takes place off the coasts of Morocco, Peru and Chile, completely controlled, using certified sustainable fishing methods.

Nutritional Information: For 2 pearls: EPA 800 mg, DHA 400 mg, Omega3 total 1400 mg. For 4 pearls: EPA 1600 mg, DHA 800 mg, Omega3 total 2800 mg. For 5 beads (max dose / day): EPA 2000 mg, DHA 1000 mg, Omega3 total 3500 mg.

Dosage: • To help maintain normal brain function and vision, it is recommended to take 2 beads per day (equivalent to 250 mg of DHA). • To help maintain normal blood triglyceride levels, we recommend taking 4 pearls a day (equal to 2 g of EPA and DHA). • To help maintain normal blood pressure, we recommend taking 5 pearls a day (3 g of EPA and DHA).


Packages: 48 pearls of 1.38 g. Also available Omega 3 Active Plus 120 pearls

Brand: Erboristeria Como.

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