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Aloe Vera Master Active - Zenzero e Limone

Aloe Vera Master Active - Ginger and Lemon 1 liter

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Aloe juice with ginger and lemon is a digestive product that can be useful for digestive and liver function. Ginger favors the elimination of intestinal gas and is useful for joint function, counteracting localized states of tension.

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Aloe juice with ginger and lemon, digestive product with Stevia Rebaudiana.

Dosage: 20 ml (one measuring cup) three times a day preferably away from meals, pure or diluted in your favorite beverage. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Nutritional Information (for 20 ml): Aloe Juice 19.7 g, of which Polysaccharides min. 39.4 mg, of which acemannate min. 15.7 mg, Ginger est. Idrogl. E / D 2: 1 40 mg

Information on the Aloe Master Active chain: the Aloe Vera collection takes place only in selected plantations (Mexico) and certified, manually selecting the leaves of at least 500 gr and with 3/5 years of maturation; the washing is done manually, in order to reduce the bacterial load. Each leaf is "threaded" manually to obtain the precious thread. Cold juice is extracted after manual filleting. It is not pasteurized, as high temperatures can denature the properties of the precious fillet. At the end of processing the product obtained is titrated in polysaccharides but above all in acemannan. The acemannano: only the finest juices of Aloe Vera contain this active ingredient, which literature indicates as main responsible for the soothing and emollient activity on the digestive system. The freshly extracted Aloe is immediately stored in dark containers to avoid the oxidation process to which the juice can be subjected. Aloe Vera Master Active juice is certified by IASC.

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Package: 1 liter

Brand: Erboristeria Como - Italian Phytopreparators

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