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Milk Thistle Compound Liquidum 200 ml

Milk Thistle liver and digestion Liquid Compound 200 ml

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Milk thistle liver and digestion is a liquid compound and a food supplement useful to improve digestion and physiological intestinal functions thanks to the action of the plant ingredients contained in it, as well as the purification of the liver (for liver care). Based on liquorice, horseradish, milk thistle, boldo, dandelion, rhubarb and rosemary.

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Milk thistle liver and digestion supplement useful to improve digestion and physiological intestinal functions and to cleanse the liver. Milk thistle liver and digestion supplement is composed by hydroalcolic extracts useful for stomach, intestin, liver. If you prefer milk thistle in non alcoholic drink look at Depurativo Italico.

Dosage: we recommend taking 5 ml of Milk thistle liver and digestion supplement in a little water or other drink after main meals. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. We recommend shaking before use.

Nutritional information in 10 ml:
Licorice hydroalcoholic extract 421 mg
Horseradish hydroalcoholic extract 165 mg
Milk thistle extract hydroalcoholic 132 mg
Boldo hydroalcoholic extract 90 mg
Dandelion hydroalcoholic extract 90 mg
Rhubarb hydroalcoholic extract 76 mg
Rosemery hydroalcoholic extract 26 mg

For more informations click here: "An ancient puryfing digestive: Milk thistle Compound"

Package: 200 ml

Brand: Erboristeria Como.

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