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Aloe Vera Master Active- Puro Succo 1 litro

Aloe Vera Master Active - Pure Juice 1 liter

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Among the natural digestives, the fillet juice of Aloe Vera leaves is useful for its soothing and emollient action for the whole digestive system, both of the stomach and of the intestine. It is also indicated for its digestive function and its purifying action. (digestive, purifying).

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Pure Aloe Vera juice titrated in acemannano 800 mg / l and without aloin, excellent among natural digestives.

Dosage: two 20 ml scoops as soon as you wake up, 15 minutes before breakfast. An additional 20 ml scoop in the evening before going to sleep. It is possible to take the juice, pure or diluted, in your favorite beverage. Aloe Vera juice can also be taken for prolonged periods.

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Supply chain information:

The Aloe Vera Master Active collection takes place ONLY in selected and certified plantations. The Aloe Vera collection takes place only after the macroscopic and analytical identification. The plantations are constantly monitored in order to guarantee, through targeted analyzes, the absence of pesticides and pesticides. The selected plantations are in Mexico, where thanks to the dry and arid climate, the Aloe finds its ideal soil.
The harvest takes place manually selecting the leaves of at least 500 g and with 3/5 years of maturation. Harvesting is a very intense and laborious process: the first leaves to be harvested are the most external ones through a clean cut at the base. All with the skilful hand of man, because the delicacy is essential in this phase of collection. The leaves showing signs of an ongoing necrotic process are discarded as a possible source of bacterial contamination. At the end of the harvest, between 15 and 18 leaves are left per plant so that the Aloe can continue its natural life cycle. The leaves are harvested 3-5 times in a year. It is estimated that between 22 and 24 Aloe leaves are collected per plant, or 10-12 kg, annually.
No aggressive processes are carried out to reduce the bacterial load, but only the leaf wash by leaf manually. The processing of Aloe Vera leaves begins within 36 hours (Ramachandra and Rao 2008) after harvesting (a storage over 36 hours could give rise to an enzymatic degradation, affecting the content of the active ingredients).

Afterwards, each leaf is "threaded" manually to obtain the precious thread. There are also mechanical processes for the filleting of Aloe leaves, but the manual process according to some researchers (Ramachandra and Rao 2008) is the best. The outer margins of the leaf are cut, the upper and lower part and the thorns removed along the leaf margin. Only this careful process can exclude the presence of Aloin which is concentrated at the outer margins of the leaf.
Cold juice is extracted after manual filleting. It is not pasteurized, since high temperatures can denature the properties of the precious fillet: in fact pasteurization is a process that is usually carried out to stabilize the freshly extracted gel but against the high temperatures can denature the precious active ingredients including the Acemannano. The filtration process does not involve the use of activated carbon filters or of fossil flour, which are widely used to eliminate Aloin residues. These techniques modify the nature of the precious juice extracted from the leaf thread.
At the end of the processing the product obtained is TITULATED in polysaccharides but above all in ACEMANNANO: only the finest juices of Aloe Vera contain this active ingredient, which literature indicates among the main responsible for the soothing and emollient activity on the digestive system. The freshly extracted Aloe is immediately stored in dark containers to avoid the oxidation process to which the juice can be subjected.

Nutritional Information (per 20 ml): Aloe Juice 19.8 g, of which Polysaccharides min. 39.6 mg, of which Acemannano min. 15.8 mg

Available packaging: 1 liter

Brand: Erboristeria Como - Italian Phytopreparators

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