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Erbe del Benessere forte - trochetti

Herbs of well-being strong Logs

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Herbs of well-being strong trunks: for constipation, immediate remedies. I am a real natural purgative. Supplement useful for the regularity of intestinal transit.

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Herbs of strong well-being: short stubs: for constipation immediate remedies, based on anthraquinones.

Dosage: We recommend taking 1-2 logs accompanied by a glass of water in the evening. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Nutritional information: 2 logs contain: Senna 488 mg, Frangola 96 mg, Rhubarb 48 mg, Cinnamon 48 mg, Carnation 48 mg, Verbena odorosa 48 mg, Aloe 24 mg.

Advice: read also our blog "Constipation natural remedies"

Package: 40 g.

Brand: Officinal Plants.

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