Intestinal supplements

Erbe del Benessere medio compresse

Herbs of well-being medium 100 tablets

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Recommended for the physiological intestinal function.

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Dosage: We recommend taking 1-2 tablets accompanied by a glass of water in the evening. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Nutritional information: 2 tablets contain: Cascara e.s. 170 mg, Aloe powder 168 mg, Fennel powder 68 mg, Senna powder 60 mg, Licorice e.s. 27 mg, Malva e.s. 20 mg, Gentian powder 20 mg, Dandelion powder 19.6 mg, Lino e.s. 7 mg, Mannite 7 mg.

Packaging: 100 tablets.

Brand: Officinal Plants.

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