Flu and allergy

FitoAllergy Gocce 50 ml

FitoAllergy drops 50 ml

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Sinusitis drops specifical against allergic rhinitis. It is a dietary supplement containing 10 times concentrated concentrated currant (R.N.T. 10 ™) and Perilla soft extract, useful in case of decreased intake or increased need for these nutrients. Perilla is useful for the body's natural defenses. Suitable for seasonal allergy forms.

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Flu and allergy

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Sinusitis drops specifical against allergic rhinitis. Lactose-free, without added sugars, without synthetic sweeteners, gluten-free.

More information about the product: R.N.T. 10 ™, Native Total Ribes, is obtained from the maceration of fresh Ribes nigrum buds, in alcohol and glycerine. Unlike the classic Macerato Glicerinato of Ribes nigrum, R.N.T. 10 ™ is not then diluted, resulting in ten times more concentrated. The highest concentration of M.G. Ribes Nigrum of R.N.T.10 ™ present in FitoAllergy allows the reduction of 1/3 of the drops to be taken (compared to M.G. Ribes Nigrum classic) with a greater effect.

Dosage: It is recommended to take 25 drops twice a day in the acute phase and 25 drops a day in prevention, diluted in half a glass of water. In prevention we recommend taking 60 days without interruption. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Packaging: 50 ml

Brand: Erboristeria Como - Italian Phytopreparators

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