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Break Acid Intolerance 24 tablets - burning stomach

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Between the two products against stomach acidity proposed to you, Break acid is recommended against stomach problems (burning stomach, stomach acidity, stomach reflux, gastritis) in acute phase. It is based on an exclusive patented extract of liquorice, aloe vera, calcium and sodium bicarbonate of natural origin.

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Between the two products against stomach acidity proposed to you, Break acid is recommended against burning, reflux, hyperacidity, in the acute phase. For cronic stomach problems look at Gastro Rebuild.

With Stevia Rebaudiana, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, No Synthesis Sweeteners (Acesulfame, Aspartane, Sucralose), Naturally Lactose Free.

Indications: Dietary supplement based on plant extracts of Liquorice (Gutgard®) and lyophilized Aloe Vera tit.8-15% in acemannano, calcium carbonate and Naturally derived sodium bicarbonate. Licorice is useful for the functionality of the digestive system, as an anti-inflammatory and for the inhibition of carbonic anhydrase thus reducing acidity, while aloe vera (high titration in acemannane with protective film-forming action) for digestive function and regularity of intestinal transit. Calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate neutralize the hyperacidity.

Dosage: we recommend taking 1 chewable tablet after main meals.

Package: 24 chewable tablets of 2gr

About the product: Gutgard® is an exclusive patented extract of Liquorice, and is unique because: Minimum titling 3.5% in glabridin, Max 0.5% in glycyrrhizic acid (has no hypertensive action), Minimum titre 10% total flavonoids and allows:

  • reduce gastric acidity by inhibiting the proton pump and the enzyme carbonic anhydrase;
  • reduce pain: Glabridin has shown anti-inflammatory activity through the modulated and NON-selective inhibition of COX and Leukotrienes;
  • inhibit H.Pylori (main responsible for gastritis and ulcer) as it inhibits the enzyme DNA gyrase or the enzyme necessary for the genomic stability of H. Pylori

To tackle the problem of stomach acid we propose two products, one to treat the acute phase and one to treat problems of a chronic nature, based on Gutgard®: Break Acid Intolerance for the acute phase, Gastro Re-Build for the phase chronic.

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Brand: Erboristeria Como - Italians Phytopreparators

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