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Pacchetto Candida DONNA - Fase acuta

Complete Candida WOMAN Treatment - Acute phase

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Complete Kit to treatment Candida in woman in the acute phase, indicated for those who have candida in the acute phase and recurrent candida, that is "frequent". This approach is part of the protocol of the Italian phytotherapists association, of which we are a part.

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The Kit contains: 2 boxes of Candifast Resolution + 1 box Fitointimo Lavanda multipack + 1 box Fitointimo ovules + 2 boxes of Erboflora Intolerance + 1 organic Fitointimo intimate cleansing.

Treatment scheme in acute phase:

- Candifast Resolution: 1 tablet after breakfast, 1 after lunch, 1 after dinner. for 2 months;

- Fitointimo ovules: 1 ovule in the evening, for 10 consecutive days;

- Fitointimo Lavanda multipack: 1 lavender in the morning following the evening application, for 4 consecutive days (then possibly use 1 a day in the morning or evening for 4 consecutive days every 2 months, as prevention);

- Erboflora Intolerance: 1 vial in the morning between meals, for 24 consecutive days;

- organic Fitointimo intimate cleansing: use in the morning and evening before applying the eggs and lavender; regular use.

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Note: this treatment has no side effects and has been tested in vivo even on pregnant women; it is good that if you have unprotected relationships also the partner uses the detergent, herbaceous intolerance and candifast resolution (see "CANDIDA male package").

Brand: Officinal Plants.

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