Supplements against Candidiasis

Candifast resolution compresse

Candifast resolution 100 tablets

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Food supplement against urogenital infection, recommended for the treatment of Candida. Product associated with FitoIntimo Vaginal Ovules, FitoIntimo Vaginal lavage, FitoIntimo Detergent, FitoIntimo lubrificating gel.

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Food supplement against Candida urogenital infection.

How to use: We recommend taking 3 tablets a day: one after breakfast, one after lunch and one after dinner for at least two months without interruption. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Functional ingredients: Organic freeze-dried Aloe Vera titrated 8-15% in acemannan (the highest titration in the Italian market), Essential Cinnamon Oil, Proanthocyanidins type A from Cranberry.

Advice: read more about our blog post: "Symptoms, causes and natural remedies against Candida".

Package: 100 tablets

Brand: Officinal Plants

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