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New IMMUNORAC bustine - Specifico per il sistema immunitario 2 mesi

IMMUNORAC 60 sachets

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Specific product to increase immune defenses. Food supplement made from fermented juice (ORAC MASTER® Fermented Papaya), useful to help the body's natural defenses, particularly in winter, and for its antioxidant activity.

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IMMUNORAC sachets are specific to increase immune defenses.

2 Months - Shock Treatment - Economy pack
• Gluten-free
• Does not contain maltodextrin, colourants, GMO ingredients.

IMMUNORAC® is entirely composed of ORAC MASTER Fermented Papaya®, which is obtained through a long fermentation process and an exclusive low temperature granulation process which provides fine buccal granules. ORAC MASTER Fermented Papaya® is NOT subject to the spray drying process. The fermentation and granulation take place in Italy, in the hills of Chianti.

Dosage: The recommended dosage is:
• As an antioxidant: One sachet of IMMUNORAC® per day, to be dissolved under the tongue, preferably in the morning between meals.
• For immune system support during the colder months, periods of intense work characterized by lapses in concentration, and for physical and mental stress, the recommended dosage is 3 sachets per day, preferably between meals, for
at least five days. Continue taking one sachet of IMMUNORAC® per day for at least two months. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

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Packaging:  sachets

Brand: The Officinal Plants.

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