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Pacchetto Cistite Acuta e recidivante Donne

Kit Acute and recurrent cystitis Women

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This kit contains natural products to address acute and recurrent cystitis in women, according to the program validated by the observational study on acute and recurrent cystitis in women, performed at the University of Siena by the urologist Dr. Giovanni De Rubertis.

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This package, to address the acute phase of cystitis, includes:

- (4 BOXES) Cranberry fast resolution: take 1 white tablet after breakfast, preferably after urinating, and 1 purple tablet after dinner, preferably after urinating. Duration: at least 28 days, preferably for 60 days. After 72 hours there is an improvement in symptoms (pain, burning, urgency to urinate).

- (2 BOXES) Intolerance Herboflora: 1 vial in the morning away from meals, in order to rebalance the intestinal flora. Duration: for 24 consecutive days.

- (1 MULTIPACK BOX) Fitointimo lavage: 1 lavage in the morning or evening for 4 consecutive days.

- (1) Phytointime cleanser: to be used regularly.

Brand: Biodue - Officinal Plants

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